When Is Biblical New Year’s?

When are we to celebrate the new year?
Is it when Pope Gregory says so,
or when thus saith Jehovah?
What is the origin of the Papal new year?
How about the system of numbering years from the 8th day after Xmas of 1 B.C.E.?
Let’s find out!

The “Christian”/Common Era originates from a monk by the name of Dionysius Exiguus, who lived in the Sixth Century. He also founded the Catholic calendar and its years dating from the supposed birth of Christ on December 25, 1 B.C.E, standardized the Pagan holidays of Easter and Xmas, and popularized the latter. This was the result of him being commissioned by the antichrist (aka. “pope”) to establish the Julian dates for Easter Sunday in the coming years of their time. He also is the one responsible for organizing the Papal blasphemous and inhumane decrees into Canon Law, thus officially changing not just times, but law, in the Papal world.

Thus, the numbered years of the world are established in the exaltation of Sunday. We need to come out of this system.

I propose a system that counts the years from when the Investigative Judgment began, which was the seventh month of 1844 CE, calling this the Judgment Era. Thus, it is now 177 JE.

The counterfeit years starting at the worldly date of January 1st did not begin with Dionysius Exiguus but in the Julian calendar that he Christianized. January is the month of the pagan god “Janus,” who pretends to be the god of beginnings. This god was worshiped by the Pagans at the beginning of every day, month, and year, and in the latter there were sensual celebrations. In celebrating or acknowledging a January 1st New Year, people are blindly worshiping Satan through this Pagan god, for all Pagan gods represent Satan. GOD winked at our blindness, but He is now restoring His calendar to us and so that we are left without excuse.

January 1 is a bloody day in history for the Jews—those whom GOD made covenant with. Both the Pagan power and the Papal power used this day to violently persecute them. Satan exults in this day. But GOD has given us a different time to celebrate, and not just a single day:

“Celebrate the month of Abib … for in the month of Abib JEHOVAH thy GOD brought thee forth out of Egypt by night” (Deuteronomy 16:1).

“This month shall be unto you the head of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you” (Exodus 12:2).

The entire month, belonging to its New Moon, is to be celebrated as the new year! The times that GOD has ordained for us to celebrate on are so much better and more complete than the world’s! This whole month we are to remember the deliverance we have in CHRIST from our sins! It was in the heart of this month that He offered Himself for our sins and died our death for us! We need to see CHRIST in the Law. In CHRIST, what is written in the Law in typical form needs to be translated to antitypical form, thus “Egypt” can be translated to “sin.” That is what this month is about: CHRIST’s delivering us from sin.

This is foundational to the Gospel truths that play out later in the year and gives the whole year, especially the New Moons, character. In fact, in the counterfeit, the Pagan religion involving the worship of Janus taught that how one celebrated the New Year on the 1st was what would characterize the whole year, and this is accordingly when people made resolutions to the gods to have their favor for the coming year and they ritually drove away evil spirits.

Satan often counterfeits, and as for the religion of JEHOVAH, it is on every New Moon that we should make resolutions with GOD, for the New Moon represents covenant due to the event to occur on its holy, seventh one; this involves making resolve. All of the New Moons carry the significance of newness from the head of the year and from the new life that CHRIST brings us through His death and resurrection of that month.

Abib is actually one of four months that have been given Hebrew, non-Chaldean names in the Bible. The next one is the second month, which is called ‘Ziv’, which means “brightness.” It was in this month that CHRIST ascended to heaven in glory, just as He will come back in even greater glory! On that 40th day in the count to Pentecost He was also received as the KING OF GLORY in heaven, according to Psalm 24. This is what we need to remember in the second month.

The seventh month is given the name of ‘Ethanim’, which means “ever-flowing.” It is on the Last Great Day, the final holy day of that month and the year, when the redeemed of CHRIST will enter the Holy City and drink from the “ever-flowing” River of Life, which represents the everlasting life that the redeemed will forever enjoy in the purity of Paradise.

Finally, the eighth month is given the name ‘Bul’, which means “produce.” That will be the first New Moon in Paradise for the redeemed. They will partake of the produce of the Tree of Life at the table of the marriage supper of the LAMB, and this supper will be, in a sense, repeated every New Moon thereafter, in celebration of the produce of the completed atonement (which takes place in the seventh month). For more info. on the eighth month, I encourage you to watch Part 8 of my YouTube presentation entitled “A Revival of Holy Convocations and the Seventh Month.”

What precious truths we have to contemplate in these months!

Get in tune with GOD’s calendar. Commune with Him in His Book of Nature, which includes the surrounding of astronomy outdoors. We need to come out of the Papal calendar and live according to GOD’s calendar. It comes down to who we will declare as authority in our lives, because who establishes time, especially holy time, is who has authority; and this is what is in the Sabbath seal, and we can see it now in the Fourth Angel’s Message as the Sabbath is being understood and proclaimed more fully.


My name is Ricky Bokovoy, but this website isn't about me. Please enjoy this article and I pray that it is a blessing to you. May you be strengthened in the faith once delivered to the saints!

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  • 2020-12-21 at 6:39 am

    This is one Biblical truth that OTG people have refused to embrace. May God by his grace help us all to settle into all truth.

    My greatest challenge is how to determine New moons, if I understand I will be very happy indeed.God bless you.


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