This is a collection of resources—mostly books—we believe would be very beneficial to your studies. Most of these are available to download/use for free. May the Lord bless your studies with the guidance of His Holy Spirit!

Free Online Library

These are the books we most strongly recommend for you to read. For additional titles, please visit

Ellen G. White

TitleE-BookRead OnlineMP3 Audio

Acts of the Apostles

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Christ’s Object Lessons

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Country Living

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Desire of Ages

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip 1, Zip 2

Early Writings

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip


PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Gospel Workers

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Great Controversy

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Ministry of Healing

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Patriarchs and Prophets

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Prophets and Kings

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Sanctified Life

PDF, ePub, MobiHereZip

The Story of Jesus

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Steps to Christ

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Youth’s Instructor
(periodical articles)

PDF, ePub, MobiN/AN/A

Other Authors

TitleAuthorE-BookRead OnlineMP3 Audio

Miracles in My Life

J.N. LoughboroughN/AN/AZip

The Church: Its Organization, Order and Discipline

J.N. LoughboroughPDFN/AN/A

The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress

J.N. LoughboroughPDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Study of the Testimonies

J.N. LoughboroughN/AN/AZip

Return of the Latter Rain

Ron DuffieldN/AN/AZip

Wounded in the House of His Friends

Ron DuffieldN/AN/AZip

The Cross and Its Shadow

S.N. HaskellN/AN/AZip

Lessons on Faith

A.T. Jones and E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, MobiHereZip

Daniel and the Revelation
(1897 edition)

Uriah SmithPDF
[very large file]

Christ and His Righteousness

E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

The Cross of Christ

E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, MobiN/AN/A

The Everlasting Covenant

E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, Mobi
[large file]

The Glad Tidings

E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

Waggoner on Romans

E.J. WaggonerPDF, ePub, MobiN/AN/A

Health, or, How to Live

James White, et. al.PDF, ePub, Mobi
[large file]

Life Incidents

James WhitePDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

History of the Sabbath

J.N. AndrewsPDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

1888 Re-examined

Robert J. WielandN/AHereN/A

What Did Christ Accomplish On His Cross

Robert J. WielandN/AHereN/A

Truth Triumphant

B.J. WilkinsonPDFN/AN/A

The Peril of the Republic of the United States of America

Percy T. MaganPDF, ePub, MobiN/AZip

From 1844 to Eternity:
The reason why Jesus delays His return

Wesley McDonaldPDF
(English and Russian)

Other Books (Not Free)

  • The Incredible Power of Prayer by Roger Morneau  Amazon
  • Jerusalem Caliphate by John C. Witcombe  Amazon PDF

Computer/Phone Apps

  • e-Sword (PC)
    Probably the single most useful Bible study tool we have. You can download virtually every translation under the sun (though not all for free), including ones not available elsewhere. We especially recommend, to complement the KJV, the RV, Webster’s Common Version, and literal versions like YLT. You can also download excellent dictionaries, concordances, and commentaries. There are even free books, like several volumes on prayer by E.M. Bounds.
  • KJV Bible with Apocrypha (Android)
    It has a good search function and, of course, contains the Apocrypha, which Sister White counseled us to read.
  • EGW Comprehensive Research Edition 2008 (PC)
    You can search through everything Sister White ever wrote (that still exists). The letters and manuscripts must be downloaded separately here.
  • EGW Writings 2 (Android)
    This app contains all the information available on the PC program. The only downside is it is a bit harder to search, but it’s great when you want to read on the go.
  • Remember Me (Android)
    This is a great app for memorizing Sripture. The best part is that you can manually enter the verses, so you can use whatever version you want and even adjust it (e.g. replacing “the Lord” with His name). For that matter, you could also use it to memorize quotations from extra-biblical authors, if you like. If you visit the official Remember Me website, you will find links to the app for other devices, such as the iPhone and Amazon Kindle.


  • Bible Hub – A great site for looking at the original languages (particularly Greek) and commentaries.
  • Bible Support – This website has additional Bible versions, dictionaries, etc. that you can download for e-Sword. There are even custom Bible versions created by the members of this community! We especially recommend the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon.
  • Bible Gateway – It’s easy to search numerous translations and we link our Scripture references here. It doesn’t have all versions, though, so we don’t recommend this site as much as we do e-Sword. But it is nice that you can do topical searches, not just word searches. Plus, it has translations that you would have to pay for in e-Sword.

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