Ricky’s Vocal Christian Music

Here you will find music performed by Ricky Bokovoy. He wrote some of the lyrics, but others were written by his friends. They primarily feature guitar, but he also plays Indian flute, harmonica, and mountain dulcimer in some of them. We pray they will be a blessing to you.

Please allow a few seconds for each song to load after you hit its “play” button. Thank you!


Other Vocal Christian Music

This first one is a live radio stream broadcasted from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota where Ricky grew up. However, there is a fair bit of talk as well. If this occurs when you tune in, just try one of the other options below—none of which have rock-style music. Just click on the left, where it says ‘Live Broadcast’, to listen.

WCTS Radio


This next one is also a live radio stream, and it broadcasts from the old western town of Cody, Wyoming. Ricky learned of it when he was giving sermons out West one memorable autumn. Expect to taste a lot of the Western style with this station. It also has a lot of faster songs, so it works very well when you are doing more active labor in the home or garden. If the browser you are using does not play it, just try a different one. And, as with the other one, if there is talk when you are tuning in, try the next one after this, which has no talk.

KOFG Radio


This next one is an internet radio station with no talk.

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio


Here is the website of a Sabbath-keeping musician, Bruce Moss.

The Blood of the Lamb


Instrumental Devotional Music

The first one is a live stream. Many of the songs are beautiful; however, some of the songs are unfortunately jazzy, so we switch to something else when such songs come up.

Abiding Radio


This next one is also a live stream; just click on the stream to the right called ‘Instrumental Music’.

WCTS Instrumental Music Stream


This next one is a YouTube playlist that we compiled, most appropriate for morning devotion, many of which are harp pieces, but also there are acoustic and piano songs. The previous two are also most appropriate for daytime. Feel free to use the shuffle feature for mixing and matching the pieces for more variety.

Morning Devotion Playlist


This last one is another YouTube playlist that we compiled, most appropriate for evening devotion, which is all acoustic by Josh Snodgrass.

Evening Devotion Playlist


In addition, you can just listen to a babbling brook with birds, or mix it with one of the above. It can be particularly helpful as white noise, to drown out distracting noises, including even tinnitus.

Peaceful Forest River


Secular Instrumental Music

We have compiled a playlist on YouTube of over 1,000 instrumental songs! They can be listened to when doing something else, even when you’re studying. Studies show that classical music is healthy for the brain. It can also soothe the nerves. You will hear many pieces with nature sounds, others are purely classical, especially French impressionist. You will also hear flute pieces and acoustic songs. Feel free to use the shuffle feature to mix and match songs for more variety. Here it is:

Instrumental Variety


A couple of the genres of the above playlist can be listened to individually below:

Nature Songs

French Impressionist Classical


In addition, if you would like to hear a style of music that is more lively and especially good for the brain, try this:

Baroque Music


If you are blessed by this music, then remember to share with others.