Dirty Electricity

In addition to radio, microwave and electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity is something else with which we should be concerned. It is caused from the switch-over from AC to DC, which is common with adapters as you have with electronics and chargers. But worse than these are the digital meters (whether they are “smart”/RF or not), which are making many people ill, sometimes seriously ill. You can test dirty electricity in your house with an AM radio, using the lowest frequency and listening for noises. I have done this and moved my computer screen and its adapter farther away from me and covered it with tin foil so that I do not hear any more static on my AM radio where I sit. I have also found that a shortwave radio is especially good at detecting it. Check out this video on the subject.

I will probably be sharing more on this subject later.


Ricky Bokovoy loves to study and share what he learns, especially on the subjects of the Bible and the writings of Ellen White, as well as health. He really digs deep, so he often shares long messages, but they are well worth the time! His other love is music. In fact, he used to be more about music ministry than writing! He still loves to sing, but sadly is no longer able to play guitar due to a health issue. His greatest desire is to see Seventh-day Adventists (by profession, whether they are members of a denomination or not) properly organized and united as a great army, doing the work God raised us up to do.

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