That Article Has Been Deleted

Sorry, but that article is no longer available. Bright Beams Mission is not a static website; when we continue to learn and grow, we update our content accordingly. Sometimes, this means removing content entirely, as it is no longer reflective of our understanding of the Scriptures, or just not in line with our purpose for the website anymore. We’re sorry if this caused you inconvenience! But perhaps you would be interested in reading one of these instead? They are the most popular on our website!

  • Memorizing Scripture
    We're now memorizing Scripture, to better fight our spiritual battles! But not just verses; we're going to memorize entire chapters! Come see which ones and why you should be doing the same!

  • Weep Between the Porch and the Altar
    Do you understand what it means to weep between the porch and the altar? Read these quotes from Sister White to see our need of this deep anguish of soul.

  • Lessons on Faith: Introduction
    This is a book in which you will find many of the keynote articles on the message of Justification by Faith from Elders Jones and Waggoner.

  • Chapter 2: Lessons on Faith
    Chapter 2 of Lessons on Faith. This is a series of editorials that Jones published in the Review and Herald.

  • The Personality of God (James White)
    This is a very important pamphlet by James White. Sister White never defined "personality of God" — instead, we find the definition here.

  • The Omega Experience
    This is a compilation of quotes from E.G. White on the alpha of deadly heresies and the omega experience that would result. We are experiencing it now.

  • A Solemn Covenant: Statutes and Judgments
    It would be well-pleasing to God, would His professed followers unite in a solemn covenant to observe and do all God's commandments, statutes and judgments.

  • Backbiters vs. Cannibals: Which Is Worse?
    Which is worse? Cannibals or backbiters, slanderers, gossipers, etc.? Does that seem like a strange question? You might be surprised at the answer!

  • Chapter 1: Living by Faith
    Chapter 1 of the book Lessons on Faith. This is an article that Waggoner published in the Signs of the Times.

  • Abiding and Walking in Christ
    We read in the Bible that we are to abide in Christ and walk even as He walked. But just how are we to do so? W.W. Prescott explains it well here.

  • Fermented Foods: Are They Really Healthy?
    Are fermented foods really good for you? They aren't as healthy as many think! So, how would God have us keep our gut healthy? It's surprisingly simple!

  • The Day of the Lord
    There are different days mentioned in the Bible. Read this to learn SDA Pioneer G.W. Holt's exposition on a few of them, particularly the Day of the Lord.