Sin Means Death

Every time we sin, it means death. Sin means death! Let this sink in!

We do not believe in once-saved-always-saved because to possess everlasting life doesn’t mean we will always possess it, but God always possesses it, because His very existence is everlasting life (1 Timothy 6:15-16).

When God dwells in us, we have everlasting life, because God is everlasting life. Our life of righteousness is His life working in us. But…

When we sin we are actually dying inside. Christ can only dwell where there is righteousness. “Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not” (1 John 3:6). When we are committing a sin that we know to be sin, we do not possess everlasting life; we are experiencing death! The only thing keeping us alive then is the physical life He supports in all creatures. We do not regain spiritual life back until we choose to repent from our sin and confess (1:9).

But There Is More…

Christ as high priest within the veil so immortalized Calvary that though He liveth unto God, HE DIES CONTINUALLY TO SIN, and thus if any man sin, he has an advocate with the Father.

1 Selected Messages, p. 343, emphasis added

You heard right! Not only does sin cause us to die spiritually, but Christ also dies. Well, how is this so? Listen…

HOW FULL THE ATONEMENT of the Saviour for our guilt! The Redeemer, with a heart of unalterable love, STILL SHEDS HIS SACRED BLOOD in the sinner’s behalf.

Review and Herald, Jan. 9, 1883, emphasis added

Christ’s atonement involves much more than we ever thought! Christ takes our confessed sins upon Himself and then dies to them by the shedding of His blood on the mercy seat. The shedding of His blood is death—both because He is shedding life from His body and also because it took His full death on Calvary to open up His fountainous wounds (Zechariah 13:1).

Therefore, sin means death—both to us and to our Saviour.

Is not this powerful truth of the Latter Rain sufficient enough to cause us to cease our sins! That is what it is designed for. That is why this is the sealing message, that His crimson Fountain may cease at the ceasing of our sins. Once the blood stops, there will only be everlasting bright beams, everlasting rest from sin! This is the rest and refreshing, the effect of the Latter Rain now pouring on this final generation. Christ is our Fountain.

Oh friends, we still have a Lamb in heaven. It is the abomination of desolation that we no longer have a lamb and can sin all we want because our sins cause no more death than a single event 2000 years ago. This is why the feast days were changed, because God’s appointed times point to the fact that we still have a Sacrifice in heaven, and the whole point of these times is to commemorate it until we receive the early and latter rain, and enter into everlasting rest from sin. The very fact of their observance testifies to the reality of a continual Sacrifice until we are fully cleansed.

Natural Immortality Is the Devil’s Original Lie

Every time we sin it brings us and our Saviour death, just as it brought to Adam and Eve in the eating of the forbidden fruit. Immediately they lost their radiance of light, which was the everlasting life of Christ. They died immediately to everlasting life! And so will we every time we sin.

Natural immortality is within every wine glass (every false doctrine) that Babylon serves. When Christ sheds His sacred blood, this coincides with His Holy Spirit reviving spiritual life in us. It is false doctrine to believe that the Holy Spirit is any other life than the very life of Christ—poured out unto eternal death when He no longer existed as His pre-incarnate infinite form. This is present truth that must be proclaimed to our generation, that the 144,000 will be sealed off from sin. Christ must be lifted up higher and higher until all veils are removed and we see Him for Who He truly is: the God of self-sacrificial love, a love so freely poured out that it will insure that “affliction shall not rise up the second time” (Nahum 1:9).

The Righteousness of Christ, the Life of Christ

We have no righteousness, no life in us, that is not the life of Christ. This is the one truth we must come to understand.

What is justification by faith?

It is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust, and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself. When men see their own nothingness, they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ.

The Faith I Live By, p. 111

And this is what our first parents lost in eating the forbidden fruit of sin. They lost their Eden home. But the last generation of their children will restore Eden in our time. The 144,000 will be the first-fruits to live without sin. Because of their own merits? God forbid! The very Message that changes them is that Christ’s righteousness comes to them by an infinite and continual Sacrifice. They look and live, believe and receive!

An Important Truth for the 144,000

The 144,000 will come out of every false idea that has distorted our view of Christ our Righteousness. The very purpose and existence of Babylon was to distort this view, and once it is no longer distorted, Babylon can no longer exist. The twelve tribes of Israel will have prevailed and the everlasting kingdom will commence. We must, we must, we MUST come to believe that sin means death… We are totally spiritually dead when we sin and are without Christ in us; and the only way He can come back in us is by dying to our sin and transferring it to the Sanctuary, where it waits until He finally transfers it to the scapegoat. That old devil will then die the everlasting death with all those whom he led to refuse the Lamb of life. SIN MUST END.

And Christ cannot stop shedding His life until the end of sin.

We must receive the life that He sacrificially provides.

Sin and Death: Separation from God

Sin and death are essentially synonymous, and they both mean separation from God. How devastating!

Why would we continue living in sin, cutting ourselves off from God and eternity? Why would we continue drinking the wine of Babylon which mesmerizes us into the belief that we do not need a complete Sacrifice to provide us righteousness? The only way is to reject this final Message—and the majority will because of cherished sin rather than cherishing our sin-bearing, sin-pardoning Redeemer. Come out of her My people! Be not partakers of her sins! She has blinded us from seeing the bright beams of light that Christ is our Source of Righteousness and we must fully receive it before eternity comes!

Does this Message Shake You Up?

Never mind my political incorrectness. This message is startling, as it was prophesied to be. There is no need to tone it down. Christ’s perfect sacrificial love is too powerful to be toned down any longer.

Look and live! Believe and receive!


My name is Ricky Bokovoy, but this website isn't about me. Please enjoy this article and I pray that it is a blessing to you. May you be strengthened in the faith once delivered to the saints!

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