My Testimony of the Testimony of JESUS

I must bear this testimony here also, as I bore in social meeting several weeks ago. So, I start with this question: Are we content consumers or are we zealous worshipers of the Most High?

The Trouble With Content Consumption

Content consuming is common among Laodiceans, who have a theory of the truth but deny the power thereof. It is a the knowledge of experience we most need, not theory—a deep experience with God. Our goal should not be to gain information. But, that is what the constant sermonizing has taught us—a false knowledge of God. A true knowledge of God is becoming at one with Him through the life of Jesus. The purpose of the Scriptures is to testify of Him (John 5:39). They are a Testimony of Himself to us personally, so that we may become that testimony of Him before men and angels.

The Purpose of the Testimonies

And that is why we are to read the Testimonies for the Church, for they are the Spirit of Prophecy, the Testimony of Jesus (Rev. 12:17; Rev. 19:10). They are not merely rules and reforms for us to follow; that is not what it is about. Rather, the rules and reforms are to be lived out, as a living testimony of Jesus. This is what the remnant are to become. We are not to live for ourselves but as servants of the Most High. Bowing our faces to the ground when we come to pray should be a daily sermon of this. Jesus is the ultimate Servant and Son, thus we are to be servants and sons in Him.

Therefore, let us look into all the commandments, statutes, judgments, rules, and reforms with great zeal, and with crushed souls. This is what Psalm 119 is teaching me as I continue to memorize it. These are what testify of Jesus, who loved this chapter. We are to be the living testimony of Jesus as we live them out as servants of the Most High, because this testimony, especially at the end of time, is what will finish the great controversy as it will vindicate Him before the universe. It will ensure that sin will never again enter the universe after the Judgment.

Our Purpose for Life

This is the goal, yea the prize of the high calling of God that we are to pursue as His servants. This is what we were created to live for. And this is what Jesus lives for as He ever makes intercession in the heavenly sanctuary for our sins unto the great atonement that will take place on its appointed day. The whole sanctuary must be cleansed of our sins, by our lives—of which that sanctuary is a record—being fully cleansed from them.

Remember, the “faith of Jesus” of the third angel’s message (Rev. 14:12) is faith in His atoning work there—faith which causes us to live in harmony with that work. And the purpose of the “Testimony of Jesus” (Rev. 12:17) is for God to purify a people unto Himself—a people, 144,000 in number, that will become the living Testimony of Jesus, purified from all their sins. In every page, Jesus testifies to us personally of what we are to collectively become.

A Call to Devotion

I ask you, brethren, will we have the “faith of Jesus” that He will make us that living testimony, so that He can take our sins into the sanctuary and give us His righteousness in return? Will we have greater zeal for God and His purpose for us with the servanthood mentality of Christ? Will we look to His rules and regulations for us with great heartfelt zeal in a whole new light in our service to Him? I pray we will, and I hope you were blessed by this testimony of the Testimony of Jesus.


My name is Ricky Bokovoy, but this website isn't about me. Please enjoy this article and I pray that it is a blessing to you. May you be strengthened in the faith once delivered to the saints!

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