“I Am Closed.”

The Sabbath carries the true Gospel. In it, Christ was dead, and we were in Him. In Him, we have died unto sin. We are in the grave, buried – baptized – with Christ. When sin comes knocking on our door, guess what? We are dead. Sin cannot come in. The grave is shut.

But in the Sunday Gospel there is no Sabbath. Christ did not really die; therefore, we do not die with Him unto sin. Unrighteousness is immortalized, for there is no Law. There is no Law to dictate death, the penalty of sin.

But that is a false reality, for we see death all around us. The first death is a type that declares that there will be a second one. It is sin that brings death, and this is the reality that the Law declares. The Sabbath Gospel must be true. When sin comes to knock on our door, we can simply say, “I am closed”. For us towards sin, it is Sabbath forever.


My name is Ricky Bokovoy, but this website isn't about me. Please enjoy this article and I pray that it is a blessing to you. May you be strengthened in the faith once delivered to the saints!

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