A Forgiving Fountain: How to Respond to Trials

“When there’s a trial… smile, and be a forgiving fountain.”

Our Anointed Saviour is our Fountain, and His forgiveness was not once and for all as most claim. His forgiveness is continual; therefore, His Fountain is continual. When mobs mocked Him as He bore the sins of the world, He did not retaliate. Instead, He became a forgiving Fountain.

Sin causes debt. Jesus filled it with His own life flowing out.

He accepted the debt. He forgave it so that all may have probation.

And because of our probation, today He still pours Himself out to the incurring debt. He does not accept our sins, but He accepts the debt, or loss, of our sins; and in return, meekly flows out the remedy for it.

What will we do the next time a situation comes that causes us loss–

Whether it be by an individual, a group, or a circumstance?

Will we retaliate it in thoughts, words, or actions of hatred (murder)?

Or will we forgive the injury and pour out a healing remedy?

The best healing remedy for an ailment of any kind–is forgiveness.

It refreshes any party that is involved, especially ourselves.

Instead of dwelling on the problem, we’ll dwell on the Fountain, the Remedy.

We will be thankful that the Anointed One has poured out His life to us, that soon, by it, sin will cease and there will be no more hurtful situations.

We ourselves will be a meek model fountain, one that forgives any injury.

Remember, our Father will not forgive us if we forgive not others (Matt. 18:35).

How to Be a Forgiving Fountain

So next time you are injured, smile, and say something like this…

“I forgive this person (or this situation). I’m so thankful for the Fountain that will soon wash away everything that causes pain.”

This, along with claiming promises by the merits of our crucified Saviour,

Will be an extremely powerful remedy for whatever you are going through.

Your most common sin, covetousness (which is idolatry), will cease.

Complaining is covetousness, because it idolizes a reality that is not ours to have. Contentment comes from the Fountain. Drink and be refreshed.

“When there’s a trial… smile, and be a forgiving fountain.”

Oh, the peace and joy that you’re about to have!!!


My name is Ricky Bokovoy, but this website isn't about me. Please enjoy this article and I pray that it is a blessing to you. May you be strengthened in the faith once delivered to the saints!

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