Calendar Archives

Original Update:

Due to an abundance of new light that came upon us in regard to calendation, we have drastically changed how we make the calendar pages. From now on, we will only post the astronomical calendar for the whole year. It is contains the solar year, beginning on the day after equinox, and counting up to the next equinox. It indicates the first possible new moon sighting dates as well. They are divided into astronomical months based on the conjunction, since that is all that is predictable a year in advance. Please note that the biblical New Moon Day is not based on conjunction, but we are only using it for the purpose of this astronomical calendar.

We will post God‘s calendar months as soon as we know when the New Moon Day opening a month will be. These will contain that New Moon Day, plus any holy days. We will also have an archive for past months posted. We now believe that it must be known when the moon appears at or near Mount of Olives before the day of the New Moon can be known. There is evidence based on the prophetic times that these days are not calculated; predictions are not always accurate due to atmospheric conditions. 

Starting with the eighth biblical month of Bul, I will post each individual calendar month either after the moon has been sighted in the vicinity of the Mount of Olives, or when it is otherwise certain when the next month will be, either based on a weather forecast or on the 30-day maximum month rule.

Further information on how we arrived at our calendation will be posted on this page as soon as we get the material together.