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The New Moon Newsletter

Bright Beams Mission publishes a multi-part New Moon Newsletter as a free service. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page. The purpose is to alert people through advisories or watches of when the New Moon is expected to be sighted and also to afterwards publish a monthly report on when the New Moon Day is so that a wall calendar can be marked with the days of the months. Please contact us to order the wall calendar.

The reason for each person marking his or her own calendar is so that a calendar for the whole year can be pre-printed, while still allowing the capability for a lunar calendar, which is dependent each month on when the New Moon appears over the Holy Place in Israel.

Prayer Times

The wall calendar includes a feature where you can input local data, including biblical prayer times. To attain local data, you can customize a common calendar for your location here. You will need your latitude and longitude for that program that you can get here.

To calculate the prayer times, select the day on your astronomical calendar that equates to the 15th day of the biblical month, note the sunrise and sunset times, and input them into the orange rectangle below. You can just round things off to the nearest quarter hour. Be sure to hit enter when you are finished. Also, if it does not display correctly, just refresh this page.

Newsletter Archive 

Current Year (180 JE)

1 – Abib (‘Freshness’) – 29 days

New Moon Watch

New Moon Report

2 – Ziv (‘Brightness’)

New Moon Watch

New Moon Report

3 – Mattan (‘Giving’)

4 – Rebi’i (‘Vastness’)

5 – Ab (‘Father’)

6 – Elul (‘Gleaning’)

7 – Ethanim (‘Ever-flowing’)

8 – Bul (‘Ever-flowing’)

9 – Kislev (‘Hope’)

10 – Tebeth (‘Goodness’)

11 – Shebat (‘Beating’)

12 – Adar (‘Glorious’)

Previous Years

177 JE

178 JE

179 JE

Viewing the Moon Yourself

To know when to watch for the New Moon in your area each month, please click here to view worldwide maps of its visibility so that you may see for yourself the sign in the heavens that God made to remind us of His new and everlasting covenant with us. And here are a couple of online programs that will help you to know where to look in the sky for the moon, and the second link also shows the planets and stars, both allowing you to change time and location as well as view ‘live’ conditions:

MoonCalc (Bird’s Eye View)
Interactive Night Sky Map (Ground View)

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