Our Story

Our names are Ricky and Amanda Bokovoy and we are a (very) happy pair of newlyweds. Read on to learn more about us and how we met!

Our Backgrounds

Ricky Bokovoy aka Malchiel E. MalachiRicky was raised in the world, even though his mother was raised Christian and remains active in her church to this day. He studied hard and nearly achieved a GPA of 4, but the effort burned him out and his health took a big downturn during college. He had his conversion experience when he was twenty and became a Seventh-day Adventist soon afterward. Since then, he has studied the Bible and SOP thoroughly and has likewise learned a great deal more about health. Although he still suffers from chronic Lyme disease and other issues, the health message has made a significant difference in his quality of life.

Amanda BokovoyAmanda, conversely, was raised in the SDA church (baptized at only seven years old). Her parents also divorced when she was a child. She went through many ups and downs in her relationship with the Lord before she finally, truly surrendered in her late twenties, not long before she met Ricky. Although she was vegetarian years longer than Ricky, she didn’t understand much about the health message before marrying him and the knowledge that he has shared has also improved her energy and quality of life.

We now work together to share the Gospel both locally (primarily through literature evangelism) and online. It is our deepest desire to be repairers of the breach (Isaiah 58). We also love to study together, whether the Bible/SOP or subjects like health. Our strengths and weaknesses balance out well!

How God Brought Us Together

God brought us together through a mutual friend, which is indeed the only way we could ever have met, since we are from different countries (US and Canada)! To be specific, we met on Facebook. Among our friends, there are two other young couples who also met on Facebook. We can’t help wondering how many other happy marriages started there!

More details coming soon!