Comment Guidelines

We love your feedback! Comments give us encouragement, especially when they are according to these guidelines. These are guidelines, since we’re not into policy-making, but we ask that you respect them. We don’t want to have to edit the comments we receive. 🙂

The Purpose of Bright Beams Mission

This website is the place where we, Ricky and Amanda Bokovoy, share the things we’ve learned in our studies, as well as articles from Sister White and the pioneers that especially inspire us. We want, above all else, to help our brothers and sisters recognize their need of revival and reformation, and learn how to seek these things of the Lord.

Our Position on Comments

We welcome comments from all our readers. Indeed, we encourage you to leave your feedback whenever anything on our website inspires you! But we do not condone any kind of debating or strife at any time. We are to be respectful, courteous, and loving toward all, whether they agree with us or not.

Comment Guidelines

  1. Always, always remember the Golden Rule. Speak to us, and to other commenters, as you would have us speak to you. Moreover, say nothing that you would not say to our faces.
  2. Use clean, pure language. This does not just mean don’t curse, but also keep slang and “chatspeak” to a minimum, preferably zero. Please also note that we only understand English. We reserve the right to edit comments to improve readability.
  3. We have a minimum and maximum comment length; comments outside of these limits simply will not go through. The limits are fairly generous, but basically, we ask that you make your comment meaningful, but not an essay. We really appreciate comments where it is clear the reader put real thought and effort into their response.
  4. We do not insist that you agree with us to comment. However, if you disagree, be especially careful to exercise true Christian courtesy and respect. It would be best for you to ask questions to be sure you understand our position correctly, as well, before you launch into a disagreement. We are willing to learn, but you need to be, as well. We are all students together in the school of the Messiah. It is better to settle disagreements face-to-face (or at least in a video call), so bear in mind that it is highly unlikely either of us will convince the other to see things our way in the comments.
  5. Above all else, show true reverence for God and Jehoshua in everything you say, especially if you use either of their Names or titles.
  6. Please be aware that we moderate all first-time comments before they appear on the website. We check on these things frequently, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long, but please be patient. You never know what might come up to delay things.
  7. If you have already commented once before, your subsequent comments will appear right away, skipping the queue. However, for this to work, you need to be consistent in using the same name and email (this includes capitalization). If this feature is abused, we reserve the right to make all comments go through the moderation queue instead.
  8. We recommend sharing links by putting them in the “website” field if you don’t already have an actual website there, as our spam filters don’t like links. But be sure to explain clearly what is on the other side of that link in your comment. If you have already commented before, you will be able to share links freely, since you can skip the moderation queue as previously stated. Again, this is a privilege, not a right, so please do not abuse it.

There, now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? If you agree to these guidelines, please feel free to share your thoughts with us! And thank you for taking the time to read them all!