Shishi 178 New Moon Watch


The New Moon will be visible in much of the world on the first day into the new Sabbath, including the Holy Place. In fact, it is likely to appear at the time of this writing over the Pacific, before the sunset crosses the date line.

Here are the visibility maps.

The current month will be a short month of 29 days due to clear skies over the Holy Place, where it is still the dry season; the moon will be mature enough to shine through any haze.

Therefore, the New Moon will be on the second day into the new Sabbath, and the next month—Shishi, the sixth month—will be a full month of 30 days due to the 30-day maximum rule, making the Day of Shouting (aka. Trumpets) on solar day 192 (9/28 Greg.). That is the first day of the Ethanim, or the seventh month. We recommend holding an Adventist Feast of Tabernacles commencing that day and lasting through the week of the typical Tabernacles.

We will not be sending out a New Moon Report for Shishi, so please read on for Shishi information.

Important Revi'i Event in Biblical History

On the 25th day in 444 BCE, the wall was completed in the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 6:15).

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