Achat-Asar (11th) New Moon Report

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New Moon Report

No one reported seeing the New Moon in the Jerusalem area, though expert observers were watching for it there. This was due to the cloudy conditions, as we were thinking might happen. The moon was spotted by a couple of observers in Northern Israel where there was apparently less cloud cover, but we can assume that it did not appear over the Mount of Olives.

Consequently, we have a full month of 30 days for Achat-Asar this year and the New Moon Day will begin the morning before the Sabbath, making for back-to-back worship days.

The end of Achat-Asar is interesting. It is quite possible it will be a rare month of only 28 days due to two months in a row being delayed by clouds.

Important Eleventh Month Event in Biblical History

It was the eleventh New Moon of the 40th year in the wilderness (1534 BCE) that Moses spoke the words in the Book of Deuteronomy. (Deut. 1:3)

Updates to the Astronomical Calendar

The last two New Moon Watch dates on the astronomical calendar were a day off, so I have corrected it.


The picture of the New Moon was taken by Amanda this evening, with not a cloud to be seen!

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