Achat-Asar New Moon Watch

This is an email to remind you to watch for the New Moon and to discuss when the New Moon Day might be.

The earliest it will be visible in the world is on the third evening into the Sabbath—that is, the third day of the week.

Click here to see if it will be possible to see the moon the previous evening at your location. It is possible south of the 35th Parallel North in the Americas. Keep in mind that the biblical calendar is universal, so it is based on the New Moon appearing at the Mount of Olives. But the first sighting of the New Moon is still special to see.

On the next evening, however, as shown on the second map on that link, the New Moon will be possible to see in nearly all parts of the earth, including at the Mount of Olives. However, meteorologists are predicting substantial cloud cover which may very well obscure the moon, so that the month is delayed until yet another night passes.

So, this month may either be 29 or 30 days long. I will send out the New Moon Report email as soon as I get reports in from Jerusalem, and that email will also contain links to the Achat-Asar calendar. Achat-Asar is the Hebrew number for 'Eleven', so it is the 11th biblical month for the year.

Please respond to this email if you have any questions or ideas, and also please invite others to receive these emails as well, that they may also share in the New Moon experience.

Ricky and Amanda Bokovoy

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