Asiri New Moon Watch

This is an email to remind you to watch for the New Moon and to discuss when the New Moon Day might be.

The earliest it will be visible in the world is on the second evening into next Sabbath. Now, you may be new to this kind of reckoning of days, so it is commonly called 'next Monday', which is the second day of the week.

Click here to see if it will be possible to see the moon that evening at your location, or if you will have to wait until the next evening, weather permitting. You can ignore the first map, as the New Moon will not be visible anywhere that evening. If you are in A, B, or C on the maps, it may be possible to see the New Moon with the naked eye. Keep in mind the the biblical calendar is universal, so it is based on the New Moon appearing at the Mount of Olives, where CHRIST ascended to heaven and will descend—where rests the angelic ladder, the gateway to the heavenly sanctuary, where the real sacrificial atonement takes place.

This month at the Mount of Olives is very unique. It is in Zone C on the second map—the area shaded yellow It is nearly equally astronomically possible to see the New Moon or to not see it on that evening. It is right on the line, according to the Israeli New Moon Society. Weather forecasters are also predicting a few clouds, which could possibly prevent a sighting as well. So, we will just have to wait and see this time. But if the New Moon is sighted on the second day into next Sabbath, then the New Moon Day will dawn later that night around the world; otherwise, it will automatically follow a 30th day of this month, coming the next morning.

But I will send out the New Moon Report email as soon as I get reports in from Jerusalem, and that email will also contain links to the Asiri calendar. Asiri is the Hebrew number for 'Ten', so it is the tenth biblical month for the year. It is pronounced As-ee-ree'.

Please respond to this email if you have any questions or ideas, and also please invite others to receive these emails as well, that they may also share in the New Moon experience.

We also would like to wish you a blessed Feast of Dedication if you are observing it at this time. My wife and I are burning candles, starting this evening, as it is a season of light and dedication. We also have electrinc lights on in the house for the entirety of this month and the next, since this the timing of this feast falls in both months. We are celebrating the Christian realities of what was typified in the dedication of Solomon's Temple and what JESUS said and did during that feast as recorded in and around the vicinity of John 10:22. Based on the traditional timing, it runs from the 25th of this month and into next month, lasting for eight days. There is much to celebrate when you really look into it, but I will leave that for your own studies at this time. At some point this will be part of an upcoming presentation.

Ricky and Amanda Bokovoy

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