Teshi'i (9th) New Moon

9th New Moon, Jerusalem
It's official. The clouds cleared and the rain stayed farther north than expected; consequently, the New Moon has been sighted in Jerusalem, making tomorrow, the second day into the Sabbath, the New Moon Day. Happy New Moon! This is the ninth one for GOD'S calendar.

The above photo was taken by Leftraru Levy in Jerusalem, but it was also sighted by multiple others in the area, including Chris Guenther, Yochanan, David, and Arieh, just west of the Mount of Olives in the old city at 4:51 Jerusalem time.

Here are the calendars for the new month:
PDF | Word Doc

Notice that the Feast of Dedication starts on the 25th. It will run for eight days. My wife and I do not celebrate the typical feast and what happened in the time of the Maccabean days, but rather what CHRIST did and spoke on that feast, as recorded in Chapters 8 to 10 of John. We also celebrate the final victory that will take place. Antiochus Epiphanes ('God Manifest') typified the antichrist, who is ultimately Satan, who will stand on the Mount of Olives pretending to be CHRIST and claiming that the Sabbath has been changed to Sunday, with the death decree against Sabbath-keeping in force. But in the end, He will be forced to leave and the true GOD Manifest gather His saints above the mount. We will be hanging lights up starting tonight and leave them up for the two months that the Feast of Dedication falls upon.

If you have any testimonies to share of your celebrations, email us, and we may post them in the next newsletter. We will not send anything out until late in the month.

The next New Moon could go either way in Jerusalem. If it is sighted it will be extremely difficult to see. So, we will see what happens. We'll keep you posted.

Ricky and Amanda Bokovoy

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