Teshi'i (9th) New Moon Watch

We have decided to send out a New Moon Watch email to remind you to watch for the moon—so that you can see it with your own eyes, as it is rich with spiritual meaning—as well as give an update on the situation at the Mount of Olives. An additional email will be sent out tomorrow afternoon to confirm when the New Moon Day will be.

The New Moon will begin to appear tonight, the 28th of Bul (Solar Day 259 / Dec. 4 Greg.) in the Pacific, although there is a major storm underway in Hawaii, with winds gusting to 135 miles per hour in the mountains and a foot of snow!

Tomorrow the New Moon will appear over most other parts of the world, wherever it is not obstructed. It is still uncertain whether it will appear of the Mount of Olives tomorrow, but more likely not due to a mild storm system predicted in Israel with plenty of cloud cover. If it does not appear there, a 30th day will be added for the last day of this month; however, in the less likely case that it does, then the New Moon Day will be the second day of the week.

The day after tomorrow the New Moon has the potential of appearing wherever it did not the previous day, including northeast Asia, parts of which will not be able to see it tomorrow.

So, each month we plan on sending out this New Moon Watch email. We will send out an additional email if needed to confirm when the New Moon Day will be or if and when the New Moon appears over the Mount of Olives before its appointed day.
If you want to see a map that will tell you the likelihood of seeing the moon where you are, this page will provide it:

Enjoy your moon viewing, Subscriber!

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