Tebeth 178 New Moon Watch


The tenth New Moon will first appear in the South Pacific on the opening evening of Sabbath rest. The next evening is the first possible evening it could appear at the Holy Place, though it is unlikely due to the unsettled weather expected there; yet it could still peak through the clouds. The next evening, still only the 29th of the month, is forecasted to be the same. Therefore, this month could either be 28 (rare), 29, or 30 days, but most likely the latter.

This will be a very challenging New Moon watch, with possible uncertainty, as there may not be any observers watching in Jerusalem on the 29th, so I may need to watch things carefully from a webcam based at a hotel there. Also, things are not even very certain for us. We are on the edge of a blizzard and may not keep our power all the way through, with the main problem being trees heavily-laden with snow from last week's blizzard.

Prayer Request

Please pray for us that we will not lose our electricity, not only for the New Moon watch, but because it is very cold and our pipes would freeze and furnace stop working; yesterday, for example, we hit 34 below (Fahrenheit). Thankfully, we have a gas stove that can work without electricity for heat. But, unfortunately, we were not able to connect a gas generator.

GOD willing, we will publish the New Moon Report for announcing the arrival of the New Moon Day and what days to mark on next month's calendar soon after we can determine its sighting.


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